Brentwood Pony Baseball League

2019/2020 Volunteer Registration


Welcome to the 2019/2020 Volunteer Registration with Brentwood Pony Baseball!

In this session, you will be asked information which will be used to conduct a background screening by Southeastern Security Consultants Inc.

Thank you very much for registering to help Brentwood Pony baseball & the Children of our community.

Please be sure to check out the Coaches Corner to complete the mandatory Concussion Training and for other important information.

Note: You will be required to wear a BPBL badge to all BPBL events. Badges will be issued once your Back Ground check is completed, your Head shot is sent in, and (if Applicable) your application to coach/Manage a team has been accepted.

Volunteer Registration does not guarantee that you will be managing or coaching a team. Some times we have more volunteers to Manage/Coach than needed in a given division. The commissioner of the division, or the Director of Managers/Coaches will be in touch with you if your application is accepted or declined.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.


Please direct questions to:

Eric Williams


Phone: (925) 698-7900